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The Career Portfolio Video Resume


Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

There has been much discussion in the media and with Career experts if the video resume actually does help a candidate progress with their job search. Our perspective is that there is a possibility that it may do more harm than good. To better understand the idea, it is worth going over a few pros and cons.

A ‘convincing perspective’ that engages the viewer with your career portfolio. If the video has been created well, a video resume most certainly will help with the hiring  process. It would particularly speak well for Professional Speakers, Actors, Politicians and media  related careers. If a candidate may not have the experience to discuss their career in front of a camera or feel slightly insecure, it might be a drawback.

As we discussed earlier recruiters spend very little time reading resumes. Video resumes most certainly would take some time to watch and may not be worth a recruiter’s valuable time. We have see some videos lasting 10 minutes or more, so if a Video Resume is an option you would like to pursue, it might be beneficial to keep it at a minute or less. It is also important that a video is an option for recruiters to watch rather than video that will automatically start once viewing a portfolio.

What a video resume does release is much information that is unrelated to the candidate’s qualifications for the job in concern. Could this be a legal concern for recruiters? It is of course illegal to discriminate based on age, race, disability etc. however it might make recruiters consider the increased risks!

Is it for me?
Based on your career field it just might be for you in addition with other examples of your career that might be media related. For the rest of us it is a decision that is considered carefully!

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