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A Personal Career Booster

Maintain job and networking possibilities


A Resume Supercharger

Converts your own traditional resume into a live, exciting, interactive web portfolio supported by Adobe Flash animated charts, graphics and edited content based on your provided information. Create a superior web presence and advance your networking and employment potential!


A Permanent Career Asset

An online web portfolio is a permanent career asset that will help maintain job and networking possibilities. Take control of your career and reach out to a new audience!


Highlight your Achievements

Your portfolio will highlight notable accomplishments and career highlights. Your achievements will link to other supporting pages, backing up your credibility and success.


Powerful Results and Graphs

Using your sales, finance figures etc, we will create custom animated and high impacting charts and graphs. Each and every graph created is unique and will help unlock future potential.


Video and Multimedia

Have video interview or a presentation your are particularly proud of? Showcase media that demonstrates your skills and strengths.


Online Contact Forms

Each portfolio incorporates a personal online 'contact form' so that employers and businesses may contact you directly. Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing emails will be delivered to your personal inbox i.e. hotmail, gmail etc. Allow employers to contact you to schedule meetings and interviews.



Imagine directing someone to a webpage containing your recommendations, testimonials and references! Support your presentations by presenting previous employment or contacts quotes and letters. Create a collection of supporting documents and have them all in one, organized place.

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Using a Portfolio
Take advantage of using your online portfolio with many technologies in use today.Learn More

Interact in communities such as LinkedIn, FaceBook and more. Learn More


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